Seattle, Washington

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We went to Seattle for a wedding with our wonderful group of friends. For three nights we stayed at a cozy, four bedroom house (airbnb) in the Fremont district with the other couples. Our fourth night was spent at The Mayflower Hotel in downtown Seattle.

The entire trip was awesome. The nights spent at the house in Fremont offered tranquility and the opportunity to cook at home and enjoy our friends’ company. Conversely, the night spent in downtown Seattle offered us a chance to fully immerse ourselves in the downtown culture. Naturally, both had their advantages and disadvantages.

With that said, however, downtown Seattle was great. So much to do. And, of course, the best part was the Pike Place Market and surrounding shops and areas. While in Seattle, visiting Pike Place Market is a must!

  • Plenty of things to do, especially downtown.
  • Pike Place Market is amazing.
  • Light rail from the SeaTac airport to Seattle is cheap and easy (though it’s about a 30 – 40 minute trip).
  • Parking / cabs can be a pain if you plan to visit the downtown area and aren’t staying within walking distance.
  • Goes without saying but bring an umbrella.
  • Hotels downtown are pricey.
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Posted: November 20, 2014

Author: Michael Lee

Category: North America


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